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  1. Rachel Boyd

    My name is Rachel Boyd and I’m a cataloger in the libraries here at Notre Dame. We would like to catalog your book, Nobody’s looking, , and we need to establish your name in a unique form. Currently there are other J. R. Millers in OCLC WorldCat, the international bibliographic database we use. Could you give us either your birthdate or a middle name or initial that we could add in order to establish you in a unique form that would separate your writings from those of other J. R. Millers in the future? I believe that J = James but there are also a numbers of other James R. Millers distinguished in various ways in the database.

    Thank you for your help

    Rachel Boyd

  2. Jad Adkins

    Hi J.R.,

    My name is Jad Adkins. I’m the nonfiction editor of Pinball (thisispinball,com). I came across your essay “Red Pop and Ritalin” this evening and I wanted to write and tell you that I really enjoyed it. I also wanted to extend an invitation to check out our journal and to possibly share some of your work with us. We’re a small outfit but we do pay our contributors a small honorarium. We’re really looking to establish/expand our nonfiction list, and so we’re open to any and all kinds of essay.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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