Red Pop and Ritalin

Published in Portland Review
Fall 2015

Portland Review has been publishing exceptional local and international writing and art since 1956. The journal is produced by the graduate students in Portland State University’s English Department, and for sixty years Portland Review has promoted the works of emerging writers and artists alongside the works of well-established authors.

I want to say it was Scott who—back in the seventh grade—stole his mom’s Valium, his father’s coke, his older brother’s weed, and his younger brother’s Ritalin. I want to say it was Scott who once, before Woodshop, put a dot in his eye and slipped into his own world for the afternoon. I want to say it was Scott who walked around school high and drank Red Pop from a glass bottle. I want to say it was Scott who did all of these things, but it could have been Jason.


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