Nobody’s Looking


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Nobody’s Looking by J.R. Miller

Literary Fiction
Release Date: March 2015
Published by: ELJ Publications
ISBN: 978-1-942004-12-7

At the heart of “Nobody’s Looking,” is the tragedy of suburbia—characters in relationships that are not as close or memorable as once thought, characters pulling it all together and breaking out only to never escape, characters that face questions with no answers and decisions with life changing trajectories. The stories in J.R. Miller’s debut are affecting and often haunting. Raw and tender, funny and unyielding, provocative and thoughtful, these stories explore, with a keen eye, the human relationship.

Praise for Nobody’s Looking
“With a tender, wised-up voice, J.R. Miller writes about the mysteries of attachment like no one else, reminding us that childhood and adulthood were never separate categories, but continuous, alive, and enmeshed. An excellent debut.”
~Paul Lisicky, author of Unbuilt Projects, The Burning House, and Lawnboy.

“Guns, punches, fishing. Empathy, forgiveness, love. This is what readers should expect from Miller’s astounding debut collection. His work harkens to what it means to be a boy, a man, a father, a human being struggling in this crumbling world.”
~Ira Sukrungruang, author of Southside Buddhist, In Thailand It Is Night, and Talk Thai: The Adventures of Buddhist Boy.


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