Gone Dark

Published in Knee-Jerk
Fall 2013

Think of Knee-Jerk as a dinner table filled with friends and family. We’re all sharing ideas, stories, laughter, and a whole lot of corndogs. The table is round, everyone is facing each other; everyone is enjoying the company. Next to the published writer is an emerging writer, a person who’s searching for a home for his or her first story. Also at the table, the casual reader of literature. And the guy who’s read Infinite Jest twice.

Listen close. You can hear it—the rip of skin as the needle rides the line—the first slow swipe, then the second, the third. You hear it inside your head. It drowns out the voices around you—the voices behind the plastic shower curtains that separate each station. It drowns out the buzz of the gun—of the guns. It drowns out Nine Inch Nails blasting from the boom box behind your head.

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